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in 2005 alex cahill won a xeric publishing grant for his first book, a silent comic called *something so familiar*.  he self-published it under the banner of the new radio–the portland, oregon publishing enterprise he shares with jad ziade.  in 2006 he published *the last island*, an unrelated silent comic.  starting in 2007 he and ziade have been collaborating on *poison the cure*, their four-part, 400-page drama with political tones and sci-fi trimmings.  alex and jad have published two of the four 104-page parts so far.

anyone interested in purchasing original art from alex, either pages from his comics or art shown here at the middle cut, should email him directly at



  1. This was really hard to “get into” on the blog (being backwards, small and whatnot), but I DEFINITELY want to hold a copy of Trashers in my hands while jumping up and down mimicking the Trasher moves myself. I love the darkness and I love you.

  2. Wow, I just noticed this link to your site, son. (I’m a little behind in my hotmail account.)

    This stuff is great! The art looks fabulous and it pulses with energy. Love it.

    And love you.


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