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ok, so this one’s kind of a follow-up for those of you who’ve been reading consistently.  in one of the previous blogs, i wrote about my buddy xanax, a regular at molly’s who has driven me crazy for six years and who was recently arrested on some pretty heinous felony charges.  well, shortly after he was taken into custody,  we got some calls at molly’s asking about him since it had come up in cursory questioning that he came to our place a lot.   our manager ron answered some mostly harmless questions and after ron got some answers of his own, we were directed to the county’s public record website, where xanax’s mugshot was there for anyone to see.  we made printouts and passed them around to all the staff memebers.  i printed mine out on some nice textured cardstock, and i’m gonna keep it FOREVER.

xanax may manage to inspire future characters of mine–and he may not inspire anything at all.  he may just always be the fruity drug addict who tried to scam me for drinks and who eventually stabbed the man who got in his way when he was stealing half of an old lady’s block of cheese.  after he broke into her house.  because he was on pills.

oh, xanax.  what will your soft hands get into when you’re in the fucking joint?  without further ado . . .


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