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jad and i went out today to run some errands and have some fun around town.  for the last five years that we’ve worked on POISON THE CURE together, too much of our time has been spent planning pages, talking over our creative plans, our business plans and all that shit.  sometimes we just need to get together without the comic.

we were supposed to grab some lunch, go look at some art and then stop by our old bank to take out all our new-radio money and then put it in a business account at the credit union where we now do our banking.

after the art, we were stopping for coffee when my car started acting really funny, idling at a really low rate and smoking.  i fucking hate cars.  it was a little worrying, but i have a very lazy approach to car care and besides responsible maintenance i don’t deal with SHIT unless it means i can’t drive the car.  two cups of coffee later jad and i realized we were gonna have to deal with shit.  car wouldn’t turn over, and on top of that was smoking like hell out the back as we tried to get it to start.  the smell was awful.

i was PISSED.  despite knowing that i wanted to hang out with jad and do some non-work-related shit and despite knowing we’d been putting off transferring our money for months now, the part of me that never sleeps was itching to get back to the drawing board.  jad understands.  he’s a hard-working writer, and one of the reasons we’re so close is i never have to explain to him the gnawing compulsion to work.

but there was no way around this, and it looked like it was gonna fuck the rest of my day up, and our plans with it.  the problem with the car was serious, and if i left the car at the coffee shop and didn’t come home with it, i was gonna be in trouble with sorren.  it had to be taken care of.  i called my mechanic (jad and i have been frequenting the same vietnamese mechanic in portland since we lived around the corner from him) and he gave me the number for his tow.  tow said an hour, so suddenly jad and i were hoofing it back to my place to grab HIS car so we could be ready to meet the tow and proceed to my mechanic’s shop after.  it was really raining, as it had been all day.  finally we had a good chance to chat about bullshit and jad talked me down a bit from my anxious worrying.  i ended up lecturing him, happily, about the history and presence of doping in pro cycling.  pretty complicated shit.  jad politely listened because he’s the homey.

anyway, jad drove me to meet the tow after some confusing phone calls from a dude we didn’t call. he was subbing for our tow.  i didn’t know there were vietnamese dudes named armando, in portland or anywhere, until this awesome day happened.  after we stood in the rain for another 20 minutes waiting for our boy armando, he arrived and jacked my civic onto his rig.  finally we were on the way to see thong.

thong did not have good news other than that he knew what the deal with the car was (blown head gasket) and that it could be fixed (expensively).  fuck cars.  but after we left, jad both drove me to the liquor store so i could hook up with dr. whisky and then insisted he’d buy dinner for us to take home and eat with sorren.  my mood was changed immediately.

i hope all you out there have awesome friends, ’cause i keep some pretty quality dudes in my life and don’t know where i’d be without them.  today jad kept me from an art- and money-anxiety meltdown, and it didn’t take much.  real friends know how to treat with you when shit’s gone bad.

here’s to my bro.


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