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for all the resolutions i made at the start of the new year, the one that weighs on me already is the big one.  60-70 pages of comics.  to some people this might sound like a pretty modest goal, but it’s big shit to me.  the first two parts of POISON THE CURE, each 104 pages (but 94 story pages), took me exactly 14 months to draw.

my drawing has dramatically changed since then.  a page of work now is anywhere from 25-45 hours of work, normally right in the middle.  what i want from my drawings, and what they tend to look like when they’re done, is really, really different from what they looked like in ’05-’07 when i was drawing PTC part one.  i’m more fond of detail; i’m more strict about how each image moves the story–and i use each image as a challenge to myself to work on things that normally are difficult.  this makes for slow movement–PTC part three took me over two years to complete–but it makes for pages i’m really proud of and makes for continued improvement.

if i’m drawing around 30-35 hours a week, which is my average now, i’m only putting out about a page a week.  that’ll do for 50-some-odd pages in a year, but if i’m gonna get done 60-70 this year, which i swear i will, something in my game’s gonna have to increase–either how quickly i can do work that satisfies me, or how much time i have to devote to the work.

but to make it even more complicated, i wanna make sure i really enjoy myself this year.  i want everything else i’ve mentioned to happen, but this year i also want really to keep sight of the fact that i started doing all this because i wanted to do what i loved.  i’ve never stopped loving comics–not for one minute–but if i can show 2011 a thing or two, it’ll prove i can bring a high level of commitment, a high level of production and a high level of that thing it’s so easy to forget about when you take something seriously–enjoyment.

i’m gonna crush the calendar this year and have fun doing it.


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