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i’ve waited on a lot of people in my career as a restaurant employee.  it was inevitable that in time i would meet some people with some ridiculous names.  ridiculous.

(top 4, in descending order)

4.   johnny goodenough

3. regina sackrider

2.  sherri kuntz

1. gayland pounder

the first three you can almost forgive, since they aren’t due to negligent parents so much as to bad luck in having a really shitty last name.  i mean, what’s gonna go well with a last name like ‘sackrider’?   but numero uno here is that rare double whammy.  he’s got an awful last name, but his parents, loveless and without sympathy, decided cruelly to make his life even worse (as bad as possible, really) by adding this atrocious and unconscionable first name to go with it.

dude was on an obvious first date when i ran into him.   mr pounder.  wow.


One Comment

  1. My favourite two customers in the bike shop were called Norma Squelch and Horace Sugertrout. Neither is as good as Gayland Pounder though! ;o)

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