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dude, did you know that your average skinny comic, from the big-two publishers and from others, is seriously four dollars now?  at thursday drawing this week, ryan alexander-tanner and scott mills were rapping about different comics crossovers and looking over some free big-two comics ryan had scored, and ryan was guessing that the ridiculous price tag of these comics is climbing now actually as a MEANS of pushing comics away from the serialized floppy.

FOUR DOLLARS.  for 20-something pages.  dude, comics had a pretty steady price tag for decades, but since the 90’s (by my young recollection), they’ve been going up in price every couple years.  it’s just out of control now, and i guess i don’t see any reason not to believe ryan’s guess that by now, publishers are so sick of having to raise the price on monthlies and serialized floppies to account for their dwindling sales figures, that they just wanna forget about this money-losing way of doing things and concentrate on the big books.  after all the big books–the TPBs and OGNs–are actually enjoying high times.  so i hear.

and dude, these 20-page comics were just awful.  awful.  i didn’t realize how out-of-touch i was with what skinny books looked like now.  not that they’re very different from when i was reading them like crazy, but the part of me that loves comics will always be slightly in awe of artists who do monthly books, since i spent a chunk of my life  wanting to be one.  for that fanboy part of me, it was shocking to look at the art and storytelling and just think it was garbage.  the teams behind these books looked like either they weren’t even trying or they had no feel for what they were doing.  it wasn’t what i remembered at all–but, at the same time, it was also kind of exactly what i remembered.  weird feeling.

anyway, i won’t cry at all if those skinny books get phased out and that whack, rushed, conveyor-belt production paradigm gets phased out with it.  let’s spend some more time thinking about these big books people want–and about what to put in them.


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