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Monthly Archives: April 2009

backpackinsome shit is seriously about to go down.


something that pains me–something that truly, truly pains me–is the inferiority complex the world of comics has.

in hearing the talk that surrounds our industry, from the creators to the retailers to the fans, i’ll often see in print or on a t-shirt, or i’ll hear from someone’s mouth that comics gets less than its due–less credit, less play, etc.  i hear us argue that comics aren’t acknowledged as an art form (or not enough), that comics themselves aren’t taken seriously.  comics aren’t considered literature!  comics have a second-class designation in this country!  comics are only seen as genre work!  and so on.

i hate this crybaby argumentation.  i really hate it.  comics is comics.  it’s not a movement; it’s not a question; it’s not what could be done;  it’s not the entitled insistence that we’re just as good as anyone else, no matter how smartly stated.  fuck all that.  comics is THE WORK DONE AND BEING DONE.

nothing credits or fuels an argument more than its being stubbornly denied.  all it does to say ‘comics are art [or literature], too!’ is to very clearly acknowledge the prevailing argument to the contrary.  and fuck that.

what’s our anxiety about anyway?  if you love comics because you read good ones, why do you need anyone to agree with you?  what changes about the comics you love when someone doesn’t agree that they’re good?  if you need the consensus that comics are worthwhile, legitimate, artful, etc. in order to like, make or feel good about comics, then who needs you?

maybe it’s fair to say that in europe and in japan, the same stereotypes aren’t so in place around comics, if they’re in place at all, but it doesn’t matter if this is specifically an american problem.  let us forever NOT GIVE A FUCK when the rest of this country or when anyone anywhere thinks comics are for kids, are nothing but superheroes, are only the lite-beer version of movies, etc.–fuck all that.


comics doesn’t need defensive cheerleaders.  all it needs is the real shit, the work:  badass comics are the only irrefutable evidence that comics are badass.  let’s stop crying “no fair” and let’s concentrate on making, sharing and talking about these comics.